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All library services, excluding the cost of returning books, are free to our members

The What's New bulletin is a great way to keep up with your professional reading and see what's new in the library.

Finding the right information at the right time can be challenging. Our personalised Research service will deliver highly relevant information from trusted sources in a timely manner.

The Online Journal database gives you immediate access to hundreds of accounting, business and management journals - many in full text. These include Harvard Business Review, Strategic Finance and Acuity (including its earlier versions: Charter and Chartered Accountants Journal).

Discover a wealth of tools, templates and guidance developed by Chartered Accountants ANZ. They cover a wide range of areas, from public practice and auditing to superannuation and the corporate sector.

HBR guide to delivering effective feedback

Platform revolution: how networked markets are transforming the economy and how to make them work for you

Wired to create: unravelling the mysteries of the creative mind

Blockchain revolution: how the technology behind bitcoin is changing money, business and the world

Why deals fail and how to rescue them: M&A lessons for business success

A field guide to lies and statistics: a neuroscientist on how to make sense of a complex world
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